Robots are awesome. Everybody knows that. They have computers for brains after all, and can do anything from building a sports car to making a sandwich. The fact is, advances in technology are becoming a bigger part of our children’s reality every day.

Robby Robot was created to introduce kids to these concepts in a fun and accessible way. He is logical about the world around him, helping children reason their way to understanding new ideas. But he also connects through the power of story creating a memorable experience your kids will love.

You may already know how important reading is to a young child. But did you realize how powerful it is to introduce them to technology at a young age too? Giving them the best possible head start in life is extremely important. Especially in a world full of change. Luckily, we now have Robby to help.

Robby Robot was created to inspire children to embrace technology and new ideas. He’s also been given a healthy dose of personality to keep the interest of their wandering attention. With a powerful combination of fun and learning Robby will quickly become a favorite family.

Are you excited to introduce your students to technology based topics but don’t know where to start? Robby Robot was written to help kids put their toe in the water of the pool of new technology. There’s a lot out there and it can be intimidating. Even for adults. Robby makes it easy.

Not only does Robby Robot subtly introduce children to new technology concepts, he also has an underlying theme in each of his books. Ideas central to a child’s development like persistence, fairness, and friendship are a core part of the stories. Plus there’s just the right amount of silliness to keep the attention of those wandering young minds.

Brent Basham is a dad. And he loves his kids… most of the time. Just kidding. He loves them all of the time. But sometimes, like all children, they can be quite the challenge. That’s especially true at bedtime. So he wrote a fun book about a robot that expresses himself with emojiis. Kids love emojiis. But when he read the book to his kids at bedtime it didn’t work. It turns out Robby Robot is far too interesting to put kids to sleep. But at least we got a great new book out of it.

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